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5 Traditional Delicacies to Cook this Eid al-Adha

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Eid-Mubarak! Eid Al-Adha or Bakra Eid will be celebrated on August 22, 2018, in India. Eid Al-Adha translates to the “Festival of Sacrifice”. According to the Hijri calendar, it is celebrated in Dhul Hijja, the last month of the calendar. It is believed to honour the Prophet Ibrahim, who almost sacrificed his son as an act of devotion to God Almighty. Looking at the gesture, God sent his angels to him, and they replaced his son with a goat. The goat then became symbolic and is sacrificed every year on this day. 

The animal is sacrificed and cut into three parts. The first part is given as a gift to the relatives, the second to the poor and the third is prepared at home to celebrate the festival. The distribution is done in a way that no one is left unfed. 

On this day, Muslims go to mosques and pray for peace and prosperity. After the prayers, all family and friends join together and eat delicious mutton dishes. Delicious delicacies are prepared on this to commemorate the festival. Here are some delicious recipes that you can eat on this Eid: 

Kashmiri Mutton Kofta 

Eid would be incomplete without this traditional recipe. A famous mughlai recipe cooked with minced mutton, yogurt, gram flour and Kashmiri mirch. Eat with steamed rice and inevitably will fall in love with it. 

Mutton Shami Kebab 

Straight from Hyderabadi cuisine, mutton shami kebab is the perfect starter for the feast. It is prepared with chana dal, mutton qeema and other spices. Try them making these this Eid if you haven’t so far. 

Mutton Rezala

Mutton razela is a popular Bengali recipe made by stewing meat or mutton in fresh species. Curd is lightly beaten curd to make thick white gravy. Marinate the meat overnight in spices for the best flavour.

Mutton Biryani 

Mutton biryani is a spicy and colourful dish made with raw meat with spices, and then it is covered with rice. Since it is cooked with less oil, it makes for the most delicious and healthy recipes of mutton. We assure you that your family and friends will love this wonderful recipe. Moreover, it is a healthy option loaded with proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbs.

Kachri Keema 

It is an easy and traditional recipe with an awesome taste of mutton. It is prepared with qeema, kachri, pineapple pulp, red chillies, papaya and curd to give you an amazing finger-licking taste.

We hope you enjoy Eid with your friends and family!


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