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There are numerous benefits of yogasanas. These asanas not only impart physical benefit, but also improve the mental and spiritual health of an individual. Yogasanas can be performed by any person irrespective of his/her age. Yoga manages the strength, flexibility and healing of any kind of body ailments.

    • The most prominent benefit of yogasanas is that it makes the body flexible. Various yoga poses involve a great deal of muscular stretch. This helps in maintaining the overall flexibility of the body. They work to improve the joint mobility by acting on tendons and ligaments


    • It improves breathing, thus preventing the occurrence of asthma and other respiratory diseases. It also gives relief to the people suffering from arthritis and other problem related to joints


    • Yoga also targets various body pains such as back pain, migraines, headache and spinal pain. It tightens the body muscles and also increases a person’s ability to bear pain. By providing mental relaxation, yoga helps to overcome any kind of physical and mental pain


    • Yoga is one of the effective ways to lose weight. It is a natural way to balance body weight. The yogasanas enhance the body’s metabolic functioning, thereby encouraging weight loss. It also controls the body’s eating ability, thus reducing appetite and quickens the fat burning process


    • Yoga provides numerous psychological and mental benefits. As it causes mental relaxation, it helps to increase concentration level, enhances attentiveness and brings mental calmness. It also brings positivity and is an efficient cure for stress and depression


    • Yogasanas are very useful to treat high blood pressure and cholesterol. It is highly beneficial for cardio-vascular and neurological functioning of the body. It maintains the overall blood and oxygen circulation. It also manages the flow of tissue fluids and prevents any tissue leakage


    • Yoga is highly beneficial to treat immune diseases and any memory related disorders. It is a natural treatment for sleeplessness and post-menstrual disorders in women


    • Yoga brings numerous spiritual benefits also. It brings inner peace, calmness and spiritual growth. It also helps people to overcome their mood swings, thus bringing a feeling of happiness and self-satisfaction


Yogasanas motivate the physical, mental and spiritual growth of a person. It not only enhances the physical beauty, but also the inner beauty of a person. It allows a person to perfectly balance the physical, mental and emotional stress.

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