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Everything you need to know about orgasmic meditation

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There is a room, dimly lit, filled with faint moans. And she lies there quietly, making soft moans while her man continues to do his job. No, she doesn’t feel it; she doesn’t shake with bliss and then it’s already over and she still feels nothing.



orgasmic meditation



And then there is another room, echoing with loud moans. A woman cries out while other woman chews on her bottom lip in sheer ardor, coursing through her entire being. All the women experience orgasm but are not having sex; they are just practicing orgasmic meditation.


Of course, it doesn’t always have to be sex to experience the ecstasy of orgasm. Indeed orgasm for women is a big deal, since about 10% women never had orgasm. There are women and then there are men, who don’t even know what orgasm feels like. People masturbate and have sex to relax but still fail to know what orgasm actually is and then comes orgasmic meditation, simple yet the most contemporary practice to identify and reap the potential of orgasm to unwind and rejuvenate.


Orgasmic meditation widely known as OM is basically about employing the effects of female orgasm to de-stress both men and women. There is no sex, but the practice itself is enough for the women to experience the orgasm that she never thought is available while this practice allows the men to experience empathetic orgasm.


OM is not just a practice to experience orgasm but to experience spiritual and holistic healing.


Now, let’s learn, what all comes under Orgasmic Meditation and what makes it as the ideal option for people looking for satisfying orgasmic release.


  • Orgasm Mediation is a practice where there is a stroker and a strokee. The stroker could be a male or a female and strokee is usually a female. The strokee lies down, unclothed from the waist down while the fully dressed partner will sit alongside. The sitting partner will make use of his or her index finger to softly stroke the clitoris.
  • OM is devised in such a way that eases all the tension in muscles with a regulated sequence that our bodies start equating by falling into orgasm.
  • OM is all about the fusion of skilled finger stimulating a sensitive clitoris.
  • OM isn’t apologetic for the mutual gratification that male stokers and female strokees attain during and after the practice. Male and female may choose to switch roles but it is upon their sole consideration.



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