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Exercises that you are doing wrong

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Working out is important for a healthy lifestyle. People dedicating about half an hour to work out and exercise regimes are striving to stay healthy. Working out promotes good health with an increased stamina, slowed down ageing process, boosted immunity system and much more. 


However, there are a few exercises that people get wrong, they do them incorrectly. Some workouts are designed to target a special body part but when we do them incorrectly, we are accidentally turning those workouts futile. 

Here are the 5 exercises that are done in wrong way. 


We can call squats the most misunderstood exercise of all. Most people do this exercise in wrong way. Squats are done to impove your posture along with building the leg muscles along with quadriceps, calves and hamstrings. However, when done in wrong way it can cause injuries. 

You should stand straight with your feet spread a little bit wider than your hips. Your toes must be placed slightly outward. 

Now, keep your head straight and look straight ahead. Just stare at anything in front of you. You will have to look at this spot the whole time while you squat. You must not look down or up, just straight ahead. Now, breathe in and push your buttocks back while you get into a sitting position. 

Get your hips down to your calf; spread your arms straight ahead for balance. Try not to bend your back. Get back up and then again go back in the sitting position. 


It may look like a very simple and easy exercise but most people do it wrong. Many people lift their butt upward while doing a plank. It instantly becomes less effective when the back is not straight. 

You will have to keep your back straight. Your back neither should go upwards or downwards (towards the floor) while doing a plank. 


We all know how push ups are done but many of us are not aware of the right way of doing it. We sometimes place our hands wider than our shoulders while the hands should be placed right below the shoulders, not wider than them. 

Hurdler’s stretches

If the stretches are done wrongly, it can cause severe muscle injuries. What people do is they bent the knee slightly in upward direction while the leg should be stretched straight and should remain straight when you reach out to touch the toe. 

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