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Here is how honey helps to preserve fruits

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Honey primarily consists of sugar, and as we all know, sugar makes a great preservative as it has very low moisture content which is not suitable for any kind of microbial growth. Another interesting property of honey is its pH levels, which are perfect to avoid any kind of spoilage. Many cultures around the world have been using honey to preserve their fruits.



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Honey preserved fruit is a great way to enjoy seasonal fruits for long periods of time. Fruits preserved in honey are a much healthier substitute for those which are preserved using sugar. These preserves can be used in flavouring yoghurt, smoothies and baked goods. Here is how you can make great tasting fruits preserves, the healthier way!


Strawberry honey preserve

An all-time favourite in every household. Strawberries are now available throughout the year, however, nothing beats the taste of fully ripened strawberries in the peak season. You can preserve the great taste by making a yummy strawberry honey preserve.

You will need some fresh strawberries, thoroughly washed and cut in chunks. A jar of honey, any honey would do but using raw honey would be the best for the preservation of fruits. To make the raw strawberry preserve, puree the berries and mix it up with the honey. Make sure not to add any water or moisture in the process as it will dilute honey and may encourage fermentation.

To make strawberry honey jam, mash the strawberries and cook them in a pan. Add pectin to the mix and cook until mushy. Remove from heat and add lemon juice and honey. Transfer the mixture into sterilised jars.


Cranberries honey preserve

Cranberries are quite sour and using just honey might not add enough sweetness to counter the tartness of the fruit. To make cranberry preserve follow the same procedure as the strawberry honey jam, just add some sugar while cooking the cranberries to sweeten the preserve, and remember to de-seed the fruit.


Pear honey preserve

To make pear honey preserve core, de-seed and peel the pears. Cut the fruit in small chunks and cook on a low flame until mushy and soft. Add pectin and cook some more. Let it cool for a while and stir in honey and transfer into sterile jars.


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