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Signs that prove you are too busy to fall in love

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Some people are always complaining about the lack of love in their lives, while others really do not pay much heed. For those who are too busy for love, they are pretty satisfied with their lives and the way they are living. Such people say that they are too busy to find love, that they have no time for love. Are you one of them? Do you go about your days working endlessly and simply living life on your own terms? Here are seven signs to show you that you are indeed too busy to fall in love.



no time for love



You have turned down invitations

If you have consciously turned down invitations for date or otherwise parties, then you are way too busy for anything, let alone falling in love. Many times you find yourself so caught up with daily work that you have to deny even a date with the one you have a crush on. No time for love is really your motto!



You have excuses ready

A good way to realise that you can’t fall in love is when you have excuses ready to belt out. The excuses always have to do with the increasing pressure at work, and how you are finding it hard to cope with it all. You not only find it hard to give time to social events, but you also find it hard to go out on a date, and will always have a good excuse in hand. You aren’t fooling anybody, but your own self.



Your home is messy

A person who is too busy for love will always have a messy home, because, well, they aren’t expecting any company! You simply cannot invite anyone into your home because it is always in such a mess. So there is no question of meeting someone and asking him/her over to your place, and also you do not harbour such hopes in you anymore.



There is no food in your fridge

Yet another sign of a busy person who is too busy to find love, and this is simply because you couldn’t care less. You cannot even fill your fridge with food, how can you possibly fill your life with love? Also, this could mean that you have not been home for long, or during appropriate hours so as to stock up your fridge. There is only room for work in your life.



Not in touch with friends

Your working hours are keeping you so busy, that you aren’t even in touch with friends. This really means that you have no time for love, for a committed relationship. You just go to work and come back home; sometimes you even might sleep off at work. Your phone is full of messages and WhatsApp texts you have not replied to.



You are just too tired

You work so hard that the one Sunday you get, you just want to spend it sleeping and lazing around. There is nothing that can move you from your bed and you will not move an inch. In such a scenario where could you possibly expect love?



You travel for work

A person who is constantly travelling for work often finds himself alone, and this could be true for you. An intensively travelling job is one that requires you to disappear for days, and this of course could harm any relationship. Therefore you know you can’t fall in love because you are just not there most times, you are a travelling workaholic.



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