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If someone asks you about your daily schedule, you are most likely to notice that you have left no time for yourself. Busy schedules and competitive work life have made things stressful for you. If there is one thing that you have in abundance, it’s stress. And if you lack something, it has to be happiness. After all, you don’t get to enjoy, chill out with friends and actually laugh out loud. But you would be excited to know that you can solve both your problems with a single solution.

You can start practising laughter yoga or laughter exercises. You will be able to get rid of the stress and feel a lot better. A good amount of laughter can make you feel healthier both mentally and physically. Laughter offers amazing healing properties as it stimulates the release of certain feel-good hormones. It reduces stress, boosts cognitive function and combats depression.

While laughing in real with your folks is the best medicine for most of your problems, you can fake it to let your body feel better and get rid of the stress. You can try laughter exercises alone or you can join a local group. Group laughter is more effective as it allows fake laughter to turn into a real one as you hear so many people laughing at you.

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Here are some common laughter therapies you can try.

Gradient Laughter

If you find it difficult to laugh all of a sudden, gradient laughter is your solution. Start with a smile and then giggle. Gradually let out a laugh and let it grow.

Argument Laughter

Arguments usually turn your mood off and even increase your stress levels. However, you can give arguments a new happy face with laughter yoga exercises. Argue, but with laughter. You will find yourself enjoying the arguments and breaking into a genuine loud laughter.

Vowel Laughter

Instead of laughing monotonously, you can add a little variety and start with each vowel sound. The sounds you make will sound quite funny and help you get some serious laughter.

Joke Laughter

Recall a very funny joke that you liked so much or read yourself a really funny joke and once you start laughing, let your laughter grow and keep on reading funnier jokes and laughing out loud.

Wave Laughter

Laugh out loud, stretch your hands over your head and laugh without caring about anything in the whole world. Now bring the hands down to touch your feet while laughing and get back up again to laugh even more.

Clap Laughter

Clapping our hands makes us feel happier. When we laugh out at times, we clap our hands too. Clap and laugh at the same time to feel relaxed and relived.

You can try these simple yet very effective laughter yoga therapies to get over with the stress in your life. You will soon find a lot of improvement in your mood, stress levels and state of mind. Moreover, you will also get an opportunity to meet new people and get a break from your busy schedule.

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