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Things that your partner must know about your past relationships

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Just a few days back we talked about the things that your partner must never know about your past relationships. If there are things that your partner or boyfriend should not know from your past relationships, there are things that your boyfriend should be aware about from your past relationships.


Things that your partner must know about your past relationships


Indeed there are some things that you must keep secret from your past but then there things that you should tell your boyfriend for your own good. Yes, it is a bit confusing as what to hide and what to disclose. See, the idea is to keep your relationship harmonious and not let your past ruin things.


Sometimes being honest do you a lot of favour and then sometimes when being mute does you good. Sometimes you must let your partner know things about your past and then there are times when you are not supposed to tell him a few things. You need to strike the balance.


So, what are the things that you’re your partner must know about your past relationship?



Who did you date?


It’s a no brainer. Your partner must know who you dated in past because you don’t want someone else to break it to your boyfriend, making you look a liar for hiding stuff. To avoid misunderstandings, do tell him about the people you have dated. Tell him about all the guys you dated casually, tell him about your first love, tell him about the guys you ever came in contact with. He needs to know because you don’t want to come out as a liar if later on he comes to know about a guy that you dated or was in a relationship with.



The kind of equation you shared with your past lovers


He must know about the kind of equation you shared with your past lovers. Usually people do share story from their past relationships but they only share their side of the story, where they portray themselves as the victims and skip the parts where they were wrong. Do tell your partner the true story, don’t seek sympathy. Let him know the real you and your equation with your past lover will tell him a lot about you. This will improve your understanding and bonding.



Why you broke up


How exactly you two separated, why you left him or he left you, was it a mutual breakup and so on, you partner must know about how your past relationships ended.



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