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Want to Lose Weight? Eat Less Instead of Exercising More!

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All that you have read on losing weight by exercising is not entirely hogwash. Activity is essential to keep weight within limits and to live a healthy life devoid of heart attacks, diabetes and what not, looming over your visceral fats and muffin tops. But, you need to keep your gob shutters down more often than you flex your muscles.

Consider this scenario: You are an overweight man who consumes 1, 000 + calories per day and exercises for 30 minutes whenever there is time. You try this regimen for a month and see not the slightest drop in weight. Why would you? Exercising for thirsty minutes (jogging or swimming) will at the most burn 350 calories, which is far less than the number of calories you ingest. Moreover, you probably do not even keep up a strenuous exercise regimen, day in and day out.

While exercising is a good way to give your mind the motivational fodder it needs to thrive, depending entirely on it for weight loss has many loopholes.

    • That people are not listening to calls for an active lifestyle is ubiquitous in media. But, this isn’t true because in America alone, from the year 2001 until 2009, percentage of people who were satisfactorily living a healthy lifestyle had increased. And so did the percentage of obese Americans. Clearly, more exercise did not reduce obesity


    • A study of studies done in the year 2011 looked at the relationship between fat mass in children and physical activity. It found that physical activity is probably not the primary determinant of unhealthy weight in a child.


    • Interventional studies have had a hard time establishing that physically active persons are less likely to gain excess weight compared with a sedentary person


    • Exercise gives your appetite a kick. When you burn off calories while you are active, your brain will signal you to replace these calories. Precisely why you feel hungry after your workout. In fact, a 2012 systematic review of different studies showed that people burnt less and less energy when they exercised over a period of time, and ended up increasing their intake of calories


This is not to say that exercise has no role to play at all. It does to a great extent when added to diets. Dietary changes are the biggest factors to losing weight.

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