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Why you should take relationship advices from your friend. Know why!

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“Love don’t come easy”


So, true are these words. If you love, you cry, fall, get hurt and many more other hardships that you go through and the worst part is no one and nothing seem to be of any help. Indeed when you are in love and get into ‘love problems’, you do clueless on what to do and what not to. Love is not easy and neither is getting the right help when you are lost.


Friends advice about love



Right relationship advices and correct love tips are rare gems to find. Moreover, when there is trouble in your love life, your brain automatically shuts down and you are not able to comprehend to understand the situation. Those are the times when you need an advice and your friends are the people you need to go to.


Yes, whenever you are in trouble, your friends can definitely help you out. A best friend is equivalent to a love guru. Why? Here are some reasons why your friends are the best people to seek help from when there is trouble in your love life.


They know you too well


If you are in love someone, your friends know you all too well to help you in a better. They know what you might be going through, they will come up with a relief plan first. They will make sure that you are in the right condition. And then they will weave a rescue plan. Their ideas, tips and advices will revolve around your well-being and your mental peace, so whatever they come up with, will at least grant you peace.


They will do everything


They will do everything to help you out. Your friends will literally go any distance to get you out of your trouble. They won’t just give you advice; they will make sure that your relationship is back to the normal track.


They are rational


Friends have this habit of not getting emotional. Their advice will always be rational and based on logic. They will give you a piece of reality instead being an emotional cushion for you. If you and your boyfriend are in a fight, your friends would never try to patch things up, instead they will advise you to be true to yourself.


They don’t want to see you sad


You can always count on your friends because they are the ones, always wanting to see you happy. They will help you out when no one else will.



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