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Effect of Exercise on Sex Drive

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Effect of Exercise on Sex Drive

Exercising on a regular basis ensures that one’s bodily functions are working properly. It is a powerful tool that helps in the development of muscular strength, mind-body coordination and relief of stress. It  is known to have positive effects on sex drive, which is usually increased after regular exercising.

Exercise, Sex Drive and Men

Exercise, as mentioned earlier, has positive effects on the sex drive of a man. A study published in 1990 in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour revealed that men, who participated in exercising for 60 minutes per day for at least three to five days a week, developed greater sexual enhancements that includes the percentage of satisfying orgasms, reliability of adequate functioning at the time of sex and frequency of intimacy.

Exercise, Sex Drive and Women

Similar to the positive effects of exercise on men, women experience positivity in their sexual desire post moving in to a regular exercise regime. A study published in 2008 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed that women, who indulged in intense short-duration exercises for 20 minutes with a target heart rate of 70 percent, experienced an enhanced physiological sexual arousal. Another study that was published in 2007 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found a link between the body’s awareness and increased level of perceptions of arousal. The researchers of the study published in 2007 found that exercise could increase the sexual desire in women by increasing the heartbeat and muscle tension.

Significance of Exercise for Sex

It is a widely prevalent fact that sex leads to an increase in energy levels, reduced stress, weight loss, improvement in performance and prevention of injury, but the best part of these is the impact exercises have on sex. The aesthetic gains from exercise help a person feel better about himself/herself at the time of sex, thereby improving sexual performance.

Few Considerations

Increasing one’s sex drive can be one goal, but it is important for a person to incorporate other goals such as that of stamina, balance, stress relief, strength etc. Incorporating additional goals helps in keeping the program timely and relevant. The goal of enhancing sex drive of a person may not turn appropriate for all the individuals given their emotional maturity, relationship status and age.

A couple can motivate each other to make use of exercises as a tool to enhance their sex life, which can serve as a cardiovascular activity.

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