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How to Use the Right Eye Makeup for Your Delicate Eyes

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Beautiful eyes get noticed very easily. They make you more attractive. Beautiful eyes can make a long lasting impression on people. Every girl loves to have perfect eyes. When you want to flaunt perfect eyes, eye makeup is the best solution. Eye makeup is the simplest way to make your eyes charismatic and gorgeous. Eye makeup constitutes of various elements like mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner and many more. You use these makeup products to make a style statement. Perfect winked eyeliner and a combination of the right shades in eyeshadow is every girl’s priority. Putting eye cosmetics is a daily ritual for many girls. But are you aware of the harmful effects of using eye makeup? Most eye cosmetics are safe for the eyes but there are some facts that you must know to stop any possibility of getting an infection. Your eyes are very delicate. They are prone to infections and allergies very easily. So, you must know the best ways to apply eye makeup and keep all potential dangers at bay.

Tips to apply eye makeup safely

Do not apply eye makeup when you are in a hurry

Try not to apply eye makeup when you are running late or when you are driving. This can increase the chances of the product to enter into your eyes directly. Spare decent time to complete your eye makeup to avoid any kind of injury in your eyes. This will also let you apply your makeup perfectly.


Read the label carefully before buying

Always buy products which assure that they are harmless to the eyes. Do not buy cheap or duplicate products for your eyes. Also, try not to substitute eye cosmetics with any other cosmetic like using lip liners as eyeliners or lipsticks or blushes as eyeshadow. Eye cosmetics have different material that makes them harmless to the eyes. Any other cosmetic may not have those ingredients.

Do not use eye make if it causes irritation or infection

If you feel that the certain product is giving causing irritation or infection then stop using it immediately. If you have any eye infection or allergy, you should not use eye makeup because it may trigger the infection.

Make sure that all the makeup applicators are clean

To avoid any kind of infection or harmful effect, clean all the brushes and applicators before use. You should also clean your makeup tools after buying them before their first use. Make a routine to clean your sponges, brushes and applicators regularly. Also, clean your eyelash curler on a regular basis. You should always clean your hands before applying makeup.


Do’s and don’ts of using eye makeup

    • Do not use the same product for a longer time


    • Do not share your cosmetic with others to avoid the spread of infection from one person to another


    • Do not use the same makeup brushes or sponges for a longer time


    • Remove your makeup before sleeping


    • Do not buy duplicate products



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