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Thinking about getting back with your ex? Questions to ask yourself

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Every relationship is beautiful on its own. It all starts with gushing, excitement and a feeling beyond words. But sometimes things don’t work out the same way that people want. Some relationships end to never rekindle, but some are meant to be. If you belong to the latter and want to rekindle a romance with your ex, then here are some questions that you need to ask before you go ahead with your plan.

Why it didn’t work out?

It can be a bit difficult to look back at things and reminisce the hard times, but it is important since you are planning to get back with your ex. You need to analyze every bit of your relationship with your ex to know what didn’t work out the last time. This will help you understand the problems you need to address this time around.

This can also help you realize the mistakes you made last time to avoid them this time. Think of the major obstacles in your relationship are resolved or not. Try to remember why it all ended and what do you need to work on.


How makes the second time different?

Make sure you guys discuss face-to-face what changes you need to make in the relationship. A conversation can tell a lot about what your partner is willing to change or what they expect from the relationship. If they keep blaming you and telling you that it was entirely your fault, then you need to move on because nothing will change the second time around.

How will we stop each other from falling back into old habits?

Before reuniting with your ex, think about how you can stop yourself and others to fall back to old habits. If you fall back to the old situation, same problems might reoccur again. And if you guys fall back to the old habits, then it will probably split again because last time it was these problems you couldn’t resolve last time.

You should talk to your partner about everything and should be comfortable in doing so. Think of a solution to these problems and come up with a way to not fall to the old habits.


Why should we get back together?

This is the easiest question you need to ask yourself after getting back with your ex. If you are on good terms with your partner even after the breakup –if there is a certain comfort that you feel and you have had a great relationship, then it makes sense you want to get back. Also, make sure that your ex is loyal, supportive and committed.

If you ended the relationship on a bad note then it is better not to get back with your ex because it might happen again. Don’t get back together just because your friends and family are telling you to.


Does your partner bring out the best in me?

The right people in life always bring the best out of us, so think if your partner brings out the best in you or worst. You should be with someone who makes you feel strong and confident. Irrespective of your fights, if they always brought out the worst in you and always told you what you are and how you are is not enough, then you need to move on. Get back with them only when they cherish you, not demean you.


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