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6 safety precautions to consider before getting a tattoo

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Body art has become a mark for youth to represent freedom. For some, it is shaking society’s formerly constrained walls. Tattoos are a form of self-expression through which people express their feelings without the pressure for validation form the society. The needles work through the body to give a person the desired tattoos. But in some cases, it is done purely to achieve recognition and acceptance in the popular culture that the youth today swears by.


Despite what the reason behind getting a tattoo is, one needs to be aware of the health problems associated with tattooing. Tattoos can lead to some major health problems if proper precaution is not taken before and after getting inked. Some precautions need to be taken before you get a tattoo done. Take a look:

Do Not Tattoo yourself

Please do not try and tattoo yourself at home; it is not one of the DIYs. Go to a professional tattoo artist who is well reputed and is certified. Make sure they are following the standard regulations for tattooing and have a helpful staff. He or she must also be experienced.

Watch out for Cleanliness

Make sure that the tattoo artists and the other staff wash their hands and should wear disposable surgical gloves before the procedure. Ask them to do so if they don’t. Cleanliness and sanitisation are the most important factors to avoid infection.

Unused Equipment

All equipment including the needles, tubes, containers, trays etc. must be unused and should be unpacked from the packages before starting off with the procedure. You might become a victim of cross-contamination if the used products are not sealed.

Equipment should be Sterilized

Ensure that the tattoo artist uses an autoclave or heat sterilisation machine to sterilise the non-disposable equipment. Not all items can be sterilised including tables, drawer handles, etc.. However commercial bleach solution or disinfectant after every use can help disinfect the equipment.

Take Good Notice of the Ink

Ensure that the ink being used on you is approved for tattooing. Also, check the expiry date of the ink to avoid getting blood infections. Using expired or non-approved ink can lead to major health issues including allergic reactions and blood infections.

Know the Process

Visit the studio before getting a tattoo, or better go when someone else is getting tattooed. It will help you understand the procedure thoroughly and understand the risks and precautions beforehand. Also read carefully in what is involved in the process and decide if you wish to get a tattoo.

It is important to know the risks involved before a person undergoes a procedure and one should follow precautions before as well as after getting a tattoo to avoid any major health disaster.


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