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Black Coffee Can Help You to Shed a Few Pounds

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Coffee is the first thing most of us drink in the morning without even knowing its health benefits. It acts as a mood freshener in the morning and even helps you lose those extra kilos. The sugary syrups and saturated-fat creams that coffee contains are the reason why coffee helps you lose weight. The amazing weight loss property of black coffee is attributed to the presence of caffeine.

Effect on Metabolic Rate

The caffeine content in coffee affects the metabolic rate of the body aiding in energy production with the burning of body fats. It stimulates thermogenesis, which increases calorie burning. Thermogenesis is a way of producing heat and energy by using calories to digest food. This causes weight loss.


Low-Calorie Drink

Coffee also provides minimal no. of calories to the body. Black coffee is basically a calorie-free beverage, so you can enjoy it anytime even while dieting. Also, coffee is rich in antioxidants that aid in weight loss.

Extra Energy to Work Out

Coffee makes you more alert and gives you extra energy to workout for long. Increase in workout burns more calories, thus reduces weight.

Curbs Hunger

Coffee also temporarily decreases your desire to eat by suppressing your appetite. It has caffeine which stimulates the release of CCK, an appetite suppressant hormone. CCK delays the onset of hunger and promotes a feeling of fullness.


Diuretic Effect

Coffee also has a diuretic effect, which causes a short-term weight loss because it lowers the overall body weight.  but not fat by decreasing the amount of fluid you are holding. This is beneficial for women who retain more water during menstruation.

Promotes Lipolysis and Decomposition Fat

Caffeine also promotes lipolysis, a process of conversion of fat into fatty acids. It promotes the decomposition of hidden fat. The fatty acids and the muscle will be absorbed into the body releasing energy, and aid in losing weight.

Better Bowel Movements

Black coffee helps to flush out your stool. Coffee is a coarse fiber food and acts as a mild cathartic agent which has a rapid effect. Only 4 minutes after drinking coffee, gastric peristalsis begins and this causes weight loss.

Black coffee is a great way to reduce weight but getting addicted to it has its own disadvantages. Too much black coffee can cause a headache, muscle aches, upset stomach, irritability, nervousness, and insomnia. So for a healthy life, enjoy black coffee in moderation and stay slim.

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