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Easy Ways to Lose Weight in a Week | How to Lose Weight Quickly

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You can dive into a healthy lifestyle, commit to it for a week and lose weight. Inculcating lifestyle changes is the key to shed pounds in a sustainable way.

weight loss in a weekA week to lose weight is not an ideal time-frame, but it would tell you whether a method works for you or not. Thereafter, when you see yourself on the path of shedding weight, this early success will motivate you to sustain weight-loss efforts on a long-term basis. Many go for fad diets to lose weight in such a small time frame; instead making small but significant lifestyle changes is a healthier way to lose weight.

So, how to lose weight in a week? Here are some recommendations that will help you

# Make a 7-day plan
There are endless ways to make a weight loss plan. Ask for a professional’s help to create a plan. Structure a diet plan that is rich in vegetables, fibre, and lean protein. Besides, exercise regimen should be a combination of cardio and strength. You should make a plan that works for you, not the one that makes you unhealthy.

# Portion control
You must serve food in small plates to see how you control the portion of food intake. If you are trying to lose weight, you must not consume more than the body’s nutritional need. You will be able to practice portion control better if you cook at home. The portion served in a restaurant is more than what you consume at home. Moreover, you can trust the quality and keep track of your calorie-meter.

# Limit carbs and fat
In order to lose weight in a week, you have to be stricter about your diet. Carbs and fat foods will be bad to your weight-loss regime; rice, pasta, vegetables such as potatoes, fruits such as banana and junk food needs to be avoided. Swap sugary beverages, sodas and juices with water or drinks that have very little calories.

# Exercise
You might think that you need to work out a lot to lose weight in 7 days, but it is easier than you think. A 30-minute cardio and strength training session on alternate days is more than enough.

# Take the stairs
Small things such as climbing a flight of stairs can make a big difference. Prefer stairs to elevators and escalators. The practice is not suggested for people with ligament tears or knee problems.

# Water
It cannot replace solid eatables but can fill stomach for 10 to 15 minutes. When you are trying to lose weight, it is advised to drink a glass of water before your meal that will prevent you from over eating. It will contribute to portion control and will cut the calorie count.

# Keep weighing scale aside

If you check your weight on the weighing scale every day, it will only confuse you even more. You may think that the plan is not working, which may de-motivate you and hamper the entire process of weight loss.


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