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Considering and feeling, opposite sides of a coin

Presently, considering and feeling are two unique things altogether. When you consider something, you simply consider it, it is only a section of your creative ability. Thinking stays till your cerebrum and does not have any impact, affect on your being or presence. For e.g. you are considering somebody, you would simply have pictures of them gliding before your eyes; have pictures in your mind and just that yet when you are feeling about somebody, you are really having feelings fill you, feelings, for example, love, contempt, bitterness. Feeling is the point at which you picture somebody, you are loaded up with either scorn, or love or pity pr different feelings.

Unfolding from intuition to feeling by means of contemplation

When you think, you summon the nearness of divinity or whatever you wish to invoke. You trust that the experience will surface in you is your heart, you focus until the point when you begin feeling it in your heart. You make your heart the inside and attempt to feel with your heart the nearness of whatever you were considering. The reasoning around then transforms into feeling, the inclination that you grasp with your heart. It turns into a procedure where you, from intuition push ahead towards feeling. After you have begun feeling the nearness you will begin coming to pass from considering. The nearness is not any more only a part of your creative ability however it is there, present in your heart, you can feel it, you are contemplating it and yet it is genuine for you since you are feeling it. You begin encountering the god likeness inside your heart.

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