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Reasons why men have eyes for married women

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Time and again we have seen men being fascinated by the idea of a married woman; to them it is like a forbidden fruit. That sight of a beautiful married woman, caring for her husband, loving her little child, and managing household and work life with great ease can be enchanting for some. For some reason, the very first wild guess would be that married women are experienced in bed; they are more seductive than an unmarried, inexperienced female. Moreover, we often see that married women are on the lookout for something exciting and adventurous when they get bored with their regular life.

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An attractive married woman wanting to have an affair with a single young man is more common today, and men definitely like to get seduced and get a taste of that forbidden fruit. Here are some reasons we have listed for you:

An experienced lover

A married woman is for most part experienced, not just in bed but in every aspect of romance. This gives a sort of extra edge to them and makes them ever-so-attractive. When a single man is looking for a romantic attachment, the prospect of a married woman is more attractive simply because they are great lovers; they exactly know what they want in bed and what men want in bed. It is a treat for men looking for some exciting sex.

A no nonsense relationship

Men eye on married women because a married woman does not readily want to jump into a new alliance, especially if she is a mother. This gives room for clearing expectations that are usually attached with a relationship. Single people are usually looking for commitment; however, married ones are just looking to have a fun affair. For a single guy wanting some quality time in bed, having a relationship with a married woman serves great purpose.

Nothing to worry about

There is nothing to worry about in such a relationship, in fact in some cases; the man doesn’t even have to fulfil the role of a dutiful boyfriend. Having experience and age, the woman in such cases are the ones who dictate the rules and the men just simply relax. Having an affair with a married woman saves all the time in the world, as there is no need for dinner dates, movies, surprises or remembering anniversaries! It is all about fun and nothing but fun.

It is a great ego-boost

Men have eyes for married women because they know it is an ego-boost for them. You can go on bragging about your conquest, about the married woman you are bedding and all your male friend would be at awe. You are a league above the rest; you have played outside the rules of the dating game and it is a thrill ride. Moreover, it gives him a kick to think that he is actually the fun-factor in her life, and she has chosen him over her husband, which points to the fact that he is probably really good in bed.

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