Ways to Stop Teeth Grinding at Night

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Teeth grinding also known as bruxism occurs at night when you are in a deep sleep. Some people also grind their teeth when they are awake. If teeth grinding occurs on a regular basis then it may harm your teeth and lead to other complications. When you grind your teeth at night you are not aware of it. If you have a constant headache or sore jaw when you wake up you might have been grinding your teeth at night. Teeth grinding at night can also be noticed by others because when you grind your teeth, it causes a lot of noise. Teeth grinding can lead to many problems like jaw disorders, fracturing or loosening of teeth, worn out tooth enamel, increased tooth pain and sensitivity. There are certain ways to stop teeth grinding at night. These remedies can help you prevent further damage to your teeth. 


Mouthguards are the best solution to stop teeth grinding at night. They work effectively and stop your teeth from grinding against each other. This prevents depletion of the tooth enamel. You need to visit your dentist to get night guards. Your dentist will give you night guards of your exact size. Now night guards are made of flexible plastic which does not lead to any discomfort. When you use night guards make sure that you clean them properly before wearing them.

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Stay stress-free

Stress is considered as one of the major factors that lead to teeth grinding. It is linked to mental health. You should adopt techniques to reduce stress to stop teeth grinding. Meditation, exercising, yoga and a proper sleeping pattern can help you relieve stress. You should also monitor your diet in order to reduce stress. Try to eliminate all major sources of stress that bring negativity into your life. Reduction of stress from your life will also make you healthier and affect your overall health.

Increase calcium intake

Calcium is very necessary for teeth health. It is also required for proper muscle functioning and a healthy nervous system. Stress, clenching of teeth and other muscle problem can be due to lack of calcium in your diet. To increase your calcium intake you can eat milk and milk products, nuts, broccoli, cabbage, spinach and fish.  Along with calcium, you should also maintain your magnesium intake because it is also responsible for muscle functioning. Some good sources of magnesium are green leafy vegetables, legumes, seafood and fruits like avocado, berries and banana.

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Train yourself

The best way to avoid the progression of teeth grinding is to train yourself not to grind teeth. Try to stay attentive during the day and do not clench your teeth. Sometimes when you are indulged in your work completely, you may grind your teeth without realising it. Try placing your tongue in between your teeth to stop yourself from grinding your teeth. If you are able to control yourself during the day then you will grind your teeth less at night.

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