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What are some of the easy ways to get a flat tummy?

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Tummy fat is not just unattractive to look at but it is also a band of unhealthy lard which is the root cause of an array of ailments. Although this fat is the most difficult to lose, you can follow a few easy tips towards achieving a flat tummy.

You must eat a snack that contains protein between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. Go for a protein bar, a piece of low-fat cheese, or some almonds with an organic apple. No matter what, do not miss that snack. It’s important because it boosts metabolism and balances blood sugar. The lower you keep your blood sugar, the lower you keep your insulin, and insulin makes you store fat around your middle. Eating every three to four hours will keep your blood sugar even, but many people tend to go five or six hours between lunch and dinner without eating.

Do the ball exchange three times a week. Lay flat on your back with your arms above your head and legs straight out. Start with a stability ball above your head in your hands. Bring the ball up above your chest as you bring your legs up to meet the ball and place it between your ankles. Bring the ball back down to the floor with your legs and straighten your arms back out over your head.

Eat as close to zero grams of sugar as possible. This will keep insulin levels low and also keep levels of glucagon high. Glucagon, a hormone, is the best friend you could ever have in the struggle for a flat belly!

The culprit making your tummy bloat could be the salt in your diet. Use natural sea salt or kosher salt, which is lower in sodium teaspoon for teaspoon than traditional table salts. And stay away from soy sauce: Even low-sodium soy sauce is still high in sodium and will cause practically instant bloating.

Add boxing to your cardio routine. When you throw punches with weights or at a fast pace, you’re working your core in a way that helps to flatten your midsection. You must engage your core to throw punches, and twisting your torso works all the ab muscles.

You should replace all your regular beverages with water, especially soda and sugared drinks which are full of empty calories and will cause your stomach to bloat. Drinking lots of water will help to flush toxins out of your system and keep your bowels moving, both of which are essential for a flat stomach.

Doctors, certified dieticians (not nutritionists), and personal trainers can help you in covering all of the bases you need to lose weight. Always see a doctor or dietician first though… many personal trainers will say whatever they have to get your money.

Last but not the least, never starve yourself. Your results will only be temporary and you will feel frustrated sooner, which makes you much more likely to give up. When you starve yourself, your body goes into “starvation mode,” and it causes your body to slow down your metabolism and minimize or even reverse weight loss.

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