How does sugar damage your teeth Video

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For what reason do guardians prevent their children from having sugar? Why did each time advise their children to brush teeth after the children have something sweet? Why did specialists recommend cleaning mouth in the wake of having something sweet? Is it genuine that sugar harms teeth? Here in this video, Dr. Neeraj A. Verma, dental medical procedure expert at Apollo propose that sugar can undoubtedly harm your teeth. According to him, Sugar is fundamentally starching and it can transform into corrosive by interacting with microscopic organisms that are as of now present in our mouth. The microorganisms in our mouth stick to a plaque that these microscopic organisms can harm our teeth completely. That is the reason it is instructed that utilization concerning the little measure of sweet amid the whole day can harm the teeth more than the bigger measure of sweet eaten once. On the off chance that you are eating sweet, do make sure to clean your mouth after that in light of the fact that the sweet will be transformed into corrosive and that corrosive will harm the teeth and gum.

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