How to use ragi flour in recipes Video

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We regularly talk about ragi; we know the majority of its healthful elements like calcium, protein, fiber, and minerals. Nonetheless, relatively few individuals know about the utilization of ragi flour. In this video, MediSkool Health Services specialist Priti Nanda Sibbal enlightens you regarding the use of ragi flour in formulas. According to her, you can make delightful cheelas or idlis from ragi; you simply need to blend half part suji and half segment ragi. You can even make scrumptious laddus with ragi and finely slashed walnuts. Or on the other hand, you can simply utilize ragi flour to make panjiri by including dry organic products in cooked ragi flour and sugar. Ragi isn’t only for taste however the medical advantages are there likewise, Ragi is the rich wellspring of enemies of oxidants, iron, and calcium.

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