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Mugwort : A powerpack herb to fight many ailments

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Mugwort : A powerpack herb to fight many ailments

Mugwort or Artemisia Vulgaris is generally known as wormwood. Leaves and blossom tops have been utilized for remedial purposes since antiquated time. It’s a yellow color, a creepy crawly repellant, a fixing in sustenance dishes, and a conceivable treatment for conditions going from tooting to barrenness.


Helps to get rid of constipation

Mugwort roots are general tonic and lift physical and mental vitality. Entire plant animates the emission of gastric juices, so they enhance absorption. Mugwort likewise functions as a liver tonic and builds the bile discharge, which revises fat digestion and enhances intestinal developments.

Use to treat epilepsy

As a nervine, Mugwort is esteemed in paralysis, fits, epileptic and comparative affections, being an antiquated prevalent solution for epilepsy (particularly in people of a weak constitution).

Effective treatment for depression

This herbal cure may help to balance synthetics in the mind and eventually enhance disposition. A drachm of the powdered leaves, given four times each day, is expressed by Withering to have relieved a patient who had been influenced with crazy fits for a long time, when every single other cure had fizzled.

Diuretic properties

It has stimulant and marginally tonic properties, and is of incentive as a nervine and emmenagogue, having likewise diuretic and diaphoretic activity.

The juice and implantation of the herb were given for discontinuous fevers and agues. The leaves used to be saturated with showers, to convey a fortifying property to the water.

So include this ponder herb in your kitchen and use them at whatever point required.

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