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Osteoporosis: Your bones, use it or lose it Video

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Osteoporosis is a typical condition influencing a large number of individuals around the globe. It debilitates the bones making them progressively inclined to cracks. Individuals with osteoporosis can break their bones while simply playing out an easygoing errand that they had no issue doing when they were more youthful. It is generally alluded to as a quiet infection since it doesn’t give any critical hint or manifestation.

Osteoporosis can happen in individuals of all ages. Individuals with osteoporosis are at a high danger of cracks or bone breaks, while doing routine exercises, for example, standing or strolling.

In this video Puja Sethi, Editor converses with Dr. Dhananjay Gupta, Director Orthopedics at Fortis Hospital about forestalling and overseeing Osteoporosis.

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