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Menstrual Pain: Women Lose 9 Days Of Productivity In A Year, Finds Research

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Menstrual Pain: Women Lose 9 Days Of Productivity In A Year, Finds Research

The study asked the respondents details about their menstrual cycle – length of the period, the severity of symptoms and if they have missed work due to period pain.

Period Pain: Those five days of the month are extremely crucial for all women around the world. However, every woman experiences these days in her own way. Some women experience dizziness and vomiting while others may feel the hilarious cramps all over the body. Also talking about the remedies and medicines, there are several ancient methods to survive the menstrual pain. 

One of the best is to have a hot water bag in the area, where you feel the cramps. Chamomile tea and green tea are also some really good options for pain relief. From the Ayurveda, jaggery tea, ginger tea and carom seeds with lukewarm water helps in digestion and prevents blood spots. Some women also face loose bowels while others feel constipated, this is due to the physical structure of the body. Sometimes it’s in genes to feel these symptoms, you may have inherited from your ancestors. Yoga and some physical exercise also help to get rid of muscle cramps and body pain. 

Cleanliness and menstrual hygiene is a taboo amongst women during the menses. Working women require clean washrooms during those days, as they are more prone to infectious diseases. At some workplaces, women are offered 

  • leaves 
  • work from home 
  • half days on their first day of the period

But not all offices provide such facilities, hence women have to work with that pain, which causes loss of productivity.

Similarly, a new study has pointed at the problem of the cramps that women go through, during those five days of the month. According to research authored in the British Medical Journal, a team of scientists has discovered that the menstrual cramps pain, causes females to lose around 9 days of productivity every year.

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The research was conducted with more than 30,000 females aged between fifteen to forty-five years and was for over a period of approximately 4 months, i.e. July 2017 to October 2017. Details of the menstrual cycle were asked such as length of the cycle, 

  • the severity of signs
  • have they missed work due to menstrual cramps

The study then discovered that about twenty-six thousand women stated that 

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  • despite feeling ill, they continued to work 
  • lower levels of productivity


The research discovered that menstrual pain is causing presenteeism among women. Moreover, it’s a pressing issue than absenteeism.

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Written by: Tavishi Dogra

Source: Onlymyhealth editorial team Jul 03, 2019

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