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Health 101: Serious Health Consequences Of Not Eating Breakfast

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Health 101: Serious Health Consequences Of Not Eating Breakfast

Skipping your first meal of the day which is breakfast can risk you to several health complications. It is advised to eat something filthy and healthy in the breakfast to avoid these problems.

If you have a habit of skipping breakfast then this article is you. You need to stop this practice immediately because it can lead to several health ailments. No matter if you’re getting late or not feeling like eating, make sure to not miss the first meal of the day. Have something light instead or grab a takeaway meal but do not skip it! We have below mentioned various harmful effects of skipping breakfast.

1.Incite Diabetes

In various studies, it is found that skipping breakfast can incite diabetes & if you have a family history of it then you should avoid it because starving works a catalyst and can speed up the process towards the pre-diabetes stage.

2.Promotes Obesity

Generally people who want to lose weight skip the meal but unfortunately, they are super wrong. Several studies prove that the day you start skipping breakfast is the day you are inviting obesity because of later eating. Also, you tend to eat relatively extra when there is a huge gap between meals.

3.Can lead to Cancer

Due to the hustle-bustle of fast-moving city life, people are chasing money and ignoring their health. So generally, they skip breakfast to cope up with the time and they eat more in the office where they mostly have a sitting job. Eating & sitting can escort you to obesity. According to UK Cancer research, a person who is obese has a higher risk of fostering cancer.

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4.Decreased metabolic rate

When you miss a meal, it directly impacts your metabolism and overall functioning. The decrease in metabolic rate affects your body’s capacity to break down food and burn calories. Eat a heavy breakfast, normal lunch and light dinner to improve metabolism and reduce digestive issues. You may snack in between but breakfast is a must!

5.Bad Mood

Believe it or not, your stomach and brain are related. An empty stomach affects the serotonin levels and you begin to feel sad and anxious. You must have seen people behaving irritated when hungry, it is because of the lack of production of happy hormones in the body. If you want to stay positive throughout the day, eat your breakfast.

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6.Propel Hair Loss

If you are suffering from hair fall then skipping breakfast could be the reason. If you are consuming meals which are low in protein then it could affect the keratin level and which could lead to hair loss. Eat a healthy breakfast with high nutrient values so that it doesn’t mess your hair health.

7.Mouth Odor

If you are not keeping up with your breakfast, you are likely to get a stinky breath! Oops! This is sad but true. Your first meal stimulates saliva production in the mouth which helps in expelling odor-causing bacteria. You wouldn’t want to let your social life get affected by this problem, right? Stop skipping your breakfast then, simple!

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